WebHare Application Portal: much more than a CMS

The WebHare Application Portal is an online platform supporting the integration of every kind of application: from web content management (CMS) to document and relation management and from searching to online collaboration; everything is possible.

User friendly

WebHare A.P. doesn’t feel like a complicated and ‘technical’ system for the end user: its look and feel is clear, consistent and in many ways similar to an Operating System like Microsoft Windows or MacOS. It uses easily recognizable elements such as lists, buttons and menus, which lets any user feel right at home and makes complex tasks easier to perform.


Just like when using Windows and MacOS, the different functions of WebHare A.P. are available as applications. Some are built-in: the Content Management System “Publisher” and the e-marketing application “Pronuntio” for example. Other applications can be completely custom-built to suit your wishes. Wherever you log on, you can always use all of your applications.

Open structure

WebHare A.P. has been built from the start with connections to other systems and databases in mind. These connections range from custom-built XML files to communication with advanced database systems like Oracle Database and Orca CRM. WebHare A.P ‘speaks fluent’ ODBC, OCI, RSS, SOAP, XML RPC, LMTP, LDAP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, WebDAV, FTP and much more.

Social Media

In the past years social media have been added to our interaction capabilities. We support advanced interaction with social media, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and YouTube.

Publisher: Single Source Publishing

The built-in Content Management application “Publisher” is the central source from which information can be published to different media – websites (including Adobe Flash websites), mobile websites, intranet, extranet, e-mail, SMS, social media and more.

A few of the possibilities


Content Management (System) (CMS)


(Customer) Relationship Management (CRM)


Document Management (DMS)


Web applications (custom-built)


Groupware (Online Collaboration)


Communication: e-mail, SMS and social media


E-mail marketing


Web shop (e-shop)




And much more