Mobile Apps

B-Lex IT doesn’t focus on websites and applications only, we also create mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. For this we use a popular open source solution called PhoneGap.


PhoneGap is an open source framework that allows us to develop Apps for most mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry OS, webOS, Symbian and Bada) using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. In October 2011 Adobe, Desktop Publishing, HTML5 and Flash market leader, has acquired Phonegap, ensuring its future on the mobile market.

Single Source Publishing

Using PhoneGap we can develop our app from a single source and publish it to multiple platforms..

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WebHare A.P. has built-in components enabling us to maintain a mobile app. Mobile apps offer features that mobile sites don’t have, such as access to:


Camera operations (taking pictures)


Location awareness (using GPS or other location information)


Address book (viewing or even changing contact information)


Notifications (system messages, sound, vibration)


Push notifications (activated by a web service)


Local storage (enabling use of the app without Internet connection)


Motion sensors (reacting on phone movements)

Three platforms

B-Lex focuses on today’s most important mobile platforms: iOS (Apple), Android (Google), both of which have a large market share already, and Windows Phone 7 (Microsoft), an emerging player on this field.