E-mail Marketing

The unique advantage of the Pronuntio E-marketing application is its Word-to-HTML conversion capability. This means you can easily turn your Word documents into newsletters or mailings without having to master a new software product. Your information, including images, diagrams, links and tables can be formatted in Microsoft Word. Pronuntio will automatically convert your documents and adjust them according to your corporate style – creating HTML e-mails ready to be displayed in all offline and online mail clients!


Pronuntio has different subscriptions, offering the right solution to everyone. Depending on the subscription type you receive a higher mail balance each month and more statistical information about the mailings you have sent. E-mail credits can be bought from inside the application at all times, starting at 500 e-mails all the way to 100.000.

A few of the possibilities

Your own design

We will convert your own mailing design into a Pronuntio template. After this, all you have to look after is the mailing content: upload your Word document and the mailing is ready to be sent.

List management

You can add and maintain your own mailing lists. Subscribers are easy to find and manage, and you are free to choose what fields you want to use in your mailings: from first and last names to custom, internally used customer identification numbers or other information.


Send mailings to subdivisions of your lists by using ‘dynamic lists’ based on one or more properties of the subscriber, such as age, gender or the subscriber’s region.


Simple import and export functions make it easy to add or remove subscribers in large quantities. Of course subscribers can also unsubscribe themselves using the unsubscribe web page we provide. If you wish we can also create a subscription page, allowing visitors to subscribe themselves.


With all this, Pronuntio offers you all the tools you need to comply with the strict European regulations regarding personal and business mass mailing.

Scheduling mailings

If you wish, your mailing can be sent as soon as your done creating it, but you can also choose a date and time at which sending must start, ensuring a well-timed delivery of your mailing.

Export for archive or publication

After a mailing has been sent the original Word document or the HTML version of the sent e-mails with attached files can be downloaded. These files can be used to save the documents locally or to publish the newsletter on your corporate website.


Our reporting tools allow ‘tracking’ of individual sent e-mails. Detailed graphs are displayed to compare and analyze trends. You can export these statistics to use them in your own analytical software or archive them locally.


Basic tracking offers detailed information about the subscribers to whom you have sent the mailing. You can see who has received your mailing and opened it, how many subscribers have clicked on links and which e-mail addresses caused the e-mail to ‘bounce’. You can also see who has unsubscribed after receiving your mailing.


With Export and World tracking we also track which subscribers click on what link and how often. There is an optional “Forward to a friend” option. Expert and World tracking both have location tracking, on a country (Expert) and region (World) level.