Web applications


WebHares flexibility allows the creation of completely custom-built web applications, supporting your corporate website or serving a completely seperate purpose.


B-Lex has ample experience with interface and interaction design – we focus on the user, not technology. We this in mind we have already created spectacular applications for our customers. We have built all kinds of custom management applications and links to social media, e-mail messaging apps and ring tone creation tools.



University of Twente is one of the organizations offering access to Hodex. Hodex is an open standard to publish and share course information for universities and high schools. Many institutions and national and international students use this information. We have developed a user-friendly editor to manage Hodex information. All data can be easily imported and exported to and from other systems using XML.

O`Neill Corporate site

A custom WebHare application provides the O`Neill website with up-to-date information. Most of this global website is built with Flash. All products in the collection can be managed and edited on a highly detailed level using the WebHare application. This website has won the prestigious FWA ‘site of the day’ award on April 10, 2009.